Hearing aids are likely to improve your ability to communicate, and make a positive difference in your life. After you’ve grown accustomed to wearing them, you might want to add accessories to improve your listening experience. Some of the most popular hearing aid accessories include:

  • FM Systems. FM systems can improve hearing in environments where background noise, distance or reverberation are a factor. They contain a microphone and transmitter, placed near the speaker, and a receiver that is worn by the listener. The transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver, where it is forwarded to the hearing aid. They can be helpful in classrooms and around the home.
  • Assistive Listening Devices. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) function as personal amplifiers that separate speech from background noise. Similar to FM systems, they can also help overcome noisy backgrounds, distance and poor acoustics, but may rely on infrared or inductive loop technology in addition to radio signals to help boost volume levels. They are useful in classrooms, movie theaters, churches and around the home.
  • Wireless Accessories. Bluetooth technology enables patients to wirelessly stream signals from a variety of electronic devices to their hearing aids. An audio streamer functions as a link between devices, providing the power needed. Users can connect to mobile phones, computers, MP3 players, tablets and television headsets for improved versatility.

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