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 32 reviews

Excellent & Caring Service

I was extremely happy with Dr. Amy White. She is very competent and so very thorough in trying to make sure I rec’d the very best hearing aid for my unusually difficult ear problem and was diligent in making sure the settings were exactly what I needed. I am so happy that I was finally able to find a hearing aid that is working so well. Dr. Amy is so professional and caring. I highly recommend her. Isaac was also very helpful in explaining their service going forward, and is very professional.

Elk Grove Hearing

Isaac was very thorough and informative. I appreciated the way he took his time with me. I am very happy with my new hearing aids and the positive difference it has made. I look forward to having a good relationship with Elk Grove Hearing.

Amy White is a great audiologist, competent and compassionate w/ excellent listening skills. Provided a very comprehensive hearing test and explained the results in detail. Also provided a clear understanding of the various hearing aid solutions and costs. I’m an engineer and was quite comfortable with the entire process.

When I noticed that I was not hearing well, my doctor sent me to an audiologist for a hearing test. She confirmed that I needed hearing aids. I did not know anything about how to proceed. I selected Elk Grove Hearing Care which was on the list. I am so thankful I did.
Isaac White told me to make an appointment so I went the next day. Both Isaac and Amy White were very cordial. Dr. Amy gave me an overview of hearing aids, explained in details the findings of my hearing test, showed me the various kinds of aids, the usage of aids, care and maintenance, services offered, trial period time, information book of hearing loss, costs, etc. I felt at ease to ask questions and even trivial ones too.
Both Isaac and Amy were very knowledgeable and patient with me. I selected the aids that Amy recommended, and I am happy and satisfied with the aids.
I highly recommend Elk Grove Hearing Center to anyone who wants quality service and practical advice. In summary, Dr. Amy is professional, patient, and personable.
My husband accompanied me each week when I went to have my aids adjusted or sounds checked. He was so impressed with the details and assistance that Dr. Amy provided for me that he asked about his hearing needs. Isaac conducted a hearing test and found out he also had some hearing loss. He has new hearing aids and is satisfied with them. Now both of us have better communication without repeating or yelling!

by Linda on Elk Grove Hearing
World Class Customer Service & CARE

My parents’ current Audiologist/medical group no longer dispenses hearing devices. We were given a list of vendors to choose from. After researching, we decided to call Elk Grove Hearing Care. This is one of the best decisions ever made!!At our first visit, a hearing test was performed on my mother. Amy was so thorough and informative explaining her analysis and recommendation. I was so impressed. My mother’s previous Audiologist never provided that amount of detail. Once we had a good understanding of her hearing deficiencies; Amy proceeded to discuss the different device options available. Again, I was very impressed with Amy’s knowledge. (Mind you, my mother’s previous Audiologist never provided her with device suggestions/recommendations.)My Father also was impressed with Amy and Issac; he decided to upgrade his hearing aids. Because of my Father’s arthritis in his hand/fingers, it made it difficult for him to insert the earpiece. They ordered a different style to fit his needs. Issac was very patient explaining/demonstrating how the TV device works; he had to explain a couple of times.Both Issac and Amy make a wonderful team. They truly care about their patients, wanting to provide the best possible service. They have a great 30-day trial period. You, basically, ‘test-drive’ your devices before purchasing.I highly, highly recommend Elk Grove Hearing Care. You will not be disappointed!Thank you Issac and Amy for your wonderful care!!Warmly,Linda

by Anonymous on Elk Grove Hearing

Dear Amy and Isaac,
Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for me. I feel more than lucky to have you. Looking forward to seeing you here soon. May I buy you lunch here on your next visit?

by Glenn on Elk Grove Hearing
awsome service

I have had Tinitus for quite some time and have been through E.N.T’s, regular doctors, acupuncture and even some supposed on line cures with no relief and was told there was nothing that could be done for it until I met Dr Amy. She is a very caring Dr. that cares about you and getting you better and is very well versed in the hearing field as well as Tinitus. It was nice to finally find a doctor that has a very deep knowledge of my condition and hopefully I am on the path to being cured of this horrible condition. Amy and Issac have also been very patient and helpful through the painful insurance issues that is always a battle.

by Dzungh on Elk Grove Hearing
Elk Grove Hearing

I am very impressed with the quality of care I have received from Dr. Amy White at E.G Hearing. She is very knowledgeable about the various hearing devices available and is always ready to explain the options and answer questions.
Isaac is also awesome he’s helping in every aspect of the testing process.
From the start, Dr. Amy has been very diligent and conscientious in her analysis and recommendations. The relationship continues proactively on her part, with her monitoring and re-adjustments to my device. I have always felt that I have been given the best possible care due to her dedication and her up to date info on other options and devices. I highly recommend Dr. Amy White and the practice.
I cannot recommend her and Isaac more highly. 5 stars my friends without a doubt!

by Marylenn on Elk Grove Hearing
A Grateful Client

Dear Isaac,
Thank you for going the extra mile for me. I now have the extra bone conductor hearing sound that makes my life more enjoyable.
I deeply appreciate your kindness and care.
Thank you again.Marylenn

by Gary – Lodi, CA on Elk Grove Hearing

I discovered Dr. Amy when she was on staff at a private university hearing clinic in Stockton. Recently she along with her husband Isaac opened the Elk Grove Hearing Care Center. I was in need of replacing my old hearing aids, having squeezed 8 years out of them, so I followed Dr. Amy’s professional move to Elk Grove.
I have always been very pleased with Dr. Amy and now that she and her husband have started their own clinic it is a real plus for Elk Grove, Galt and Sacramento.
Earlier this year, Dr. Amy tested me again and discovered my hearing has continued to decline. Watching tv was near impossible without head phones. I belong to several clubs and an interchange at meetings was very difficult. Going out to dinner at a restaurant and visiting was near impossible. It was obvious I needed new hearing aids since my old pair were at maximum amplification and just not cutting it.
With Dr. Amy and Issac’s help I ended up getting a fairly high tech pair that work with my Apple 6 phone. The difference from my 8 year old pair is beyond amazing. I now have so much control at my fingertips, iPhone to hearing aids. Just some of the controls, volume, tone, phone calls direct to my “ears” via bluetooth. The same is true with watching tv, bluetooth to hearing aid. Here again, I control volume and tone.
I turn 80 this year and enjoy “my” kind of music. Now I can listen to Pandora bluetooth direct to my ears and no one is the wiser.
I can not say my hearing is as good as it was when I was in my twenties but with the new technology, I would rate my hearing ability equal to being 50 again.

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