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 40 reviews

by Clara on Elk Grove Hearing

Elk Grove Hearing is the best. Have been a patient for over 2 years and recommend their facility highly. They are welcoming and professional in acceptance of their patients and do their best to accommodate your needs.

by Kevin on Elk Grove Hearing
Great Customer Service

Great customer service. Amy and Isaac are amazing and the technology they have is so much more advanced than my health care provider.

The Best

After many years of hearing aids that did not work for me,I went to Elk Grove Hearing. The entire staff was very professional. Dr. Amy was very patient making sure I settled for the perfect aid for me. I could not be happier. I love listening to the birds chirp, I previously thought they were extinct.
My family and friends are amazed at the improvement.

I would recommend Elk Grove Hearing to anyone.

Great Care for my 92 year old mother

Professional and compassionate, both Amy and Issac have been wonderful to my 92 year mother as she struggled to find a hearing aid that would work for her. They were and are focused on the needs of my mother and her comfort with the whole process. Terrific group! Thank you so much for your kindness to all of us.

Ken and I want to thank you for your very kind and professional service during his several visits with you where everything you offered came true! At age 85+ with hearing difficulties most of his life, Ken is now hearing very well with his new hearing aids. Family members have noticed a remarkable improvement, especially in groups of people. We thank you for your friendly and valuable service.

by Pamela on Elk Grove Hearing

I am very pleased working with everyone at the office. In the past I have never had things explained so carefully and made sure I understand. You are the best.

by Gloria on Elk Grove Hearing

I can only say that EG hearing care are the best! Isaac has the patience of Job as I presented him with all sorts of problems but I am completely happy! Hearing sounds I did not realize I was missing

I got new hearing aids this summer and Dr. Amy White worked with me to get the best ones for me. I’m extremely happy with the service and the care from Elk Grove Hearing (both Dr. Amy and Isaac) and would recommend anyone to them.

Excellent & Caring Service

I was extremely happy with Dr. Amy White. She is very competent and so very thorough in trying to make sure I rec’d the very best hearing aid for my unusually difficult ear problem and was diligent in making sure the settings were exactly what I needed. I am so happy that I was finally able to find a hearing aid that is working so well. Dr. Amy is so professional and caring. I highly recommend her. Isaac was also very helpful in explaining their service going forward, and is very professional.

Elk Grove Hearing

Isaac was very thorough and informative. I appreciated the way he took his time with me. I am very happy with my new hearing aids and the positive difference it has made. I look forward to having a good relationship with Elk Grove Hearing.

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