Individuals with hearing loss understand well the trials of watching television with family or friends. Finding a volume level suitable for everybody borders on impossible. A number of assistive devices are available to provide hearing loss patients with an immersive audio experience similar to wearing headphones.


HyperSound® speakers are geared exclusively toward people with hearing loss. Careful clinical research has led to an innovative speaker system that beams high-quality audio directly to the listener, while others in the room can enjoy their favorite television program at a normal volume level.

HyperSound Clear™ is completely customizable to match your specific type and degree of hearing loss and your individual listening preferences. High quality audio sound is beamed to targeted listeners’ favorite spot, whether that is a cozy armchair or couch, eliminating the need for headphones. Unlike traditional speakers which diffuse sound across the room, HyperSound speakers transmit sound in a highly controlled, narrow beam. Sound waves no longer bounce around the room and reflect off multiple surfaces; instead, they travel directly to the listener’s ear, resulting in improved sound clarity and speech intelligibility. You hear better, and others in the room are not affected. An intuitive remote control makes adjusting the volume and other settings simple. Best of all, HyperSound is compatible with existing television speakers and surround sound systems.

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Sennheiser® has been a trailblazer in the audio arena since its founding in 1945. The company has pioneered many technological features that are now commonplace including the first directional microphone, the open headphone and infrared transmission technology. Its 840-TV listening system is a television aid that provides wireless listening throughout your house, even transmitting through walls. The headphones are built with flexible ear pads for the ultimate in comfort and include a receiver that can be programmed to an individual’s personal listening preferences, making it an ideal solution for the hearing impaired. Three selectable hearing settings allow you to change the compression ratio and treble emphasis for optimized speech intelligibility. The 840-TV can be connected directly to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, enabling you to enjoy music, as well as your favorite television shows.

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