Hearing aids can be extremely beneficial to individuals with hearing loss – but they must be programmed properly in order for the devices to perform at maximum efficiency. The hearing aid fitting process involves two crucial components: counseling the patient and programming the hearing aid to his/her exact needs.

What the Hearing Aid Fitting Process Entails

Hearing Aid Fittings SacramentoOnce you have been identified as having a hearing loss, the provider will go through a device consultation with you. This will ensure you have realistic expectations about your new devices, and provides you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. It is important to understand that, for all their benefits, hearing aids won’t magically cure hearing loss. Learning what they can and can’t do for you will help with your overall success.

Following the device consultation your hearing device order will be placed and you will be scheduled to return for the device fitting. At the fitting your audiologist will make sure your hearing aids fit comfortably, and then program them to the proper settings for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs. You will learn how to insert and remove your hearing aids, change their batteries, clean them and make adjustments for different listening environments.

Typically, you’ll be scheduled for a follow-up appointment a few weeks after your fitting. This will give your audiologist an opportunity to make any adjustments needed, and you will be able to ask questions. Additional visits may be required periodically to ensure your hearing aids are fine-tuned to your satisfaction.