What can Musician’s Monitors do for me?

Musicians in-ear monitors are the best way to protect your hearing from loud music. Exposure to loud music is one of the leading causes of noise-induced hearing loss. As a musician, you spend hours practicing and performing, and you depend on hearing well to compose or perform your music. Unfortunately, consistent exposure to loud music carries a high price.

NIHL(Noise Induced Hearing Loss) is responsible for 1 in every 4 cases of hearing loss and can occur gradually or suddenly depending on the decibel level of the sound.

Damaging sound levels can lead to a host of hearing disorders including long-term hearing loss and tinnitus. Musician’s earplugs and in-ear-monitors can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss while allowing you to enjoy the music.

Musicain's Monitor in-ear

How do Musician’s Monitors work?

Musician’s monitors block out the loud surrounding sounds made by electric instruments, drums and audience members while delivering excellent sound feedback directly to your ears at a safe volume. Most musician’s monitors are custom-made to fit your individual ears. This ensures that the earplugs are comfortable and that environmental noises are fully blocked while the sounds you want to hear are transmitted at the highest quality possible.

For all music lovers, we also offer custom earmolds for your earbuds which ensure a safe, comfortable and superior listening experience.

At Elk Grove Hearing Care, we carry the full line of Ultimate Ears products. Ultimate Ears has been providing custom in-ear monitors to musicians around the world for more than 20 years. Each ear piece is handcrafted in the USA using the latest 3D printing technology.

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